Astrology Reading + Cosmic Embodiment Session

These sessions are a unique offering that combines astrology with energetic plant medicine.

Astrology is a language of symbol and metaphor. It is the practice of understanding the ways in which certain archetypal patterns play out in our lives.

Every single one of us has a unique personal birth chart that tells us how the signs of the zodiac and the planets of our solar system were in relationship to one another the exact moment we were born. This chart can provide us with profound insight into certain aspects of our personalities, our inherent strengths, challenges we may face throughout our lives, and other ongoing patterns we experience.

Flower essences are an energetic form of plant medicine that support emotional and spiritual resiliency. By eliciting very subtle shifts in our minds, bodies, and spirits, they support us to more fully integrate our higher selves into our everyday lives, to act from a place of deep inner knowing, and to bring emotional and spiritual integrity to all that we do.

Combined, astrological insight and flower essences provide us with powerful tools with which we might more thoroughly examine the poetic unfolding of our lives.


When you sign up for an Astrology Reading + Cosmic Embodiment Session, you’ll receive:

  • A pre-recorded interpretation of your astrological birth chart;

  • An in-person (or phone) discussion session;

  • And a custom flower essence blend specific to your chart and needs.

COST: $95