In my clinical practice, I take a simple, collaborative, grounded, and embodied approach to plant medicine. But what actually happens when we sit down together for a consultation?

First we’ll probably drink some tea and take a flower essence to help us settle in. Maybe we’ll close our eyes and take some time to connect with our breath. Then… we talk. I’ll lead you through an in-depth conversation structured to help me better understand why it is you’re seeking health guidance. I’ll ask you what feels most pressing to address, and I’ll ask you about your health history and that of your family. You’ll tell me about how you nourish yourself, how you spend your time, what your sleep is like, how you experience stress, and much more. Sometimes I’ll take your pulse and ask to look at your tongue. And then together we’ll build a plan to incorporate herbs and other changes into your life in ways that feel manageable and inspirational.

No consultation is like any other. The beauty of herbal medicine is that there is no one way to work with any particular plant or person: providing health guidance is a creative process– a collaboration between the herbalist, the client, and the plants themselves. While most plants do influence most bodies in (mostly) predictable ways, there are subtleties and nuances to every plant and person that swirl together and manifest in ways we can never fully understand. That’s the beauty of this work: we are each so wonderfully unique and so is the way the natural world speaks through us and to us. And as the plants begin to shift things in your body and life, our work together will so shift to meet new and emerging needs.

As an herbalist I practice Vitalism, which simply means that I work holistically to support the innate healing potential of your own body, mind, and spirit. Together we’ll explore the roots of your dis-ease and start there, while addressing symptoms along the way.

After our consultation, you’ll walk away with:

  • Herbal tea or tincture recommendations, specially formulated to match your needs and constitution

  • Flower essences, if you so desire

  • Extensive nutritional recommendations and recipes

  • Lifestyle and self-care recommendations and rituals

Consultations are meant to be educational and empowering–I’ll share what I believe will be helpful based on my training and experience, but it’s ultimately up to you to do what feels right for your body. 


I am a complementary and/or alternative health care practitioner, and am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Oregon. My services do not replace those of a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare provider. I am not trained in the diagnosis or treatment of disease according to the standards of medical science.

My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health.