Clare is an incredible guide and mentor - very willing to cooperate with my own learning and understanding of myself as a means to guide me towards healing. I am so grateful for Clare! Her capacity to offer nonjudgemental care in a time of need is really a precious resource. Thank you Clare for your thoughtfulness, your commitment to accessibility, and your wisdom!
— Lucinda
Working with Clare has brought a new level of calm and centered energy into my life. She’s offered practical suggestions that have brought me clarity and peace during a particularly hectic year. These are things anyone can (and should!) consider - taking a few vitamins, drinking this incredible herbal tea she designed for me based on a few conversations, taking one night a week just for me, etc.

Beyond just the practical suggestions I’ve found it incredibly comforting to know there is someone who is unequivocally on my side, available to offer support and guidance, and to provide expert insights into how to improve my self, my health and my relationships. Cannot recommend Clare enough! She is a miracle.
— Sarah
It was my birthday and I figured I would treat myself to an astrological chart reading, and booked one with Clare. I wanted to know about my upcoming year, but I also wanted to learn a little bit more about astrology as a field. Clare was very prepared and professional. She gave me a lot to think about for my upcoming year, and helped me understand my own chart. I recommend it and will be making this an annual birthday gift for myself. - A very satisfied Aquarius Sun
— Kyle
Clare has been such an incredible support to me through my struggle to balance my mood and hormones. Consultations with her are in-depth and done with deep care, which was a beacon of hope for me at a time when I felt my doctors were not listening to me. She made me feel seen and heard - so important to the healing process! She never pushes products or herbs; she looks at the whole picture and focuses on lifestyle and holistic changes. Some of her tinctures have supported me through cold WI winters and long distance digestive issues while traveling and I can’t live without her lemony chicken soup recipe. Can’t recommend enough!
— Julie
Last year I scheduled the Astrology Reading + Cosmic Embodiment with Clare. I was feeling stuck in my decision about going back to school. After our conversation she created a flower essence which I am sure helped me land on my final decision. The flower essence helped propel me forward into a creative exploration of potential schools and professions. Later, with the stress of a full time job and a being a full time student, I scheduled a follow up/wellness appointment. She offered suggestions and created a tea and tincture that has allowed me to tend to my body during this crazy busy time. With only a few months left of massage school, I am certain my journey would not have been this smooth without her.
— Victoria
Clare does an amazing job of meeting me where I am at and recommending realistic nutritional and lifestyle changes and herbs to improve my day to day life. She has a deep knowledge of the interconnectedness of our bodies and has taught me to love my liver and that inflammation is the underlying problem for almost everything. I purchased the Winters Sister Wellness Plan and am stoked to continue our work together!
— Heather