Introducing: Winter's Sister Herbals


I am so pleased to finally be sharing my new business name with you! It’s been three years in the making and at long last a name came through that felt right: Winter’s Sister Herbals.

Winter is a time of mystery, of dreaming, of slowing down and turning inwards. It’s the season of soups, of hot tea, dark beers, and warming spices. It’s also the season of darkness, and of coming up against our edges, of resilience and trust.

While I love summer—I was born in the summer and it’s still my favorite season—winter is where my power lies. I find it in the dreamworld, my intuition, the soup pot. The way the trees turn back to bones, their unyielding bodies stark against glowing skies. The way the stars look on a clear night when the temperature has dropped below freezing. Alive. Invigorating.

It’s here I find the kind of creativity and self-reflection only made possible by the loneliness of a windy, snowy night.

With this name I call in the magic of winter. Of deep healing and rest, of dreaming and warm nourishment. Of invigoration. Of the bone-deep knowing: you are alive.

The drawing above was created for me by my friend and fellow plant-whisper, Julia Bollinger. It features Red & White Oak, Calendula, Yarrow, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Holy Basil. I encourage you to check out her website to see more of her art!

Flower Essences: A Subtle Superpower

While the sun moves through earthy Taurus, a full moon occurs today in the sign of Scorpio, shining a new celestial light onto the path of the Bull. Scorpio is a sign of wisdom, intensity and depth, a sign that unites us with our shadow selves and demands the kind of transformation that is only possible when we let go of control. Scorpio likes a little drama, but only the kind that has our own self-actualization in mind. When the Scorpion has its eyes on you, you’re likely going to get stung…but all poison has its medicine.

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New Moon in Cancer & the 4th of July: How to Hold it All

With so much complexity and so many contradictions, the question becomes: how do we hold it all? Maybe we start with today. With what’s happening right now. And in doing so, we have a choice: we can grieve the tragedy happening all around the world and we can honestly confront the role our country plays in that tragedy. We can acknowledge what we do know of our true history, we can feel anger, we can fight injustice, we can rebel and revolutionize. We can heal in the ways we know how to. We can also enjoy summer, enjoy food, enjoy being with friends. We can feel grateful for those we love and the sunshine and the land we live on. We can appreciate the ways our country is progressive and the people who fight for that progress everyday. We can drink a beer and feel light and happy. There is no right answer- there are many ways.

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Fantasy Work: Creativity and Herbal Medicine

My chest rises and falls, as predictably as it ever has. I roll to the right, there’s a shuffling sound as my leg slides to meet the other and I am folded over. Light. The sound of dripping water. It’s probably colder inside than it is out there, I think to myself. I look into the sun, and then- Release! I’m back on the floor. The music is vibrating into the backs of my legs. My mind races and empties, races and empties. I feel like an ocean. I feel like a field. So I continue to lay there, for hours, while the music vibrates my legs and my chest continues to rise and fall.

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