Hi! I’m Clare, the Certified Clinical Herbalist and Medicine-Maker behind Winter’s Sister Herbals. In addition to the Winter’s Sister herbal product line, I provide Holistic Wellness Consultations, Astrology Readings, and custom formulation for clients, near and far.

My role as a clinical herbalist is to facilitate a creative collaboration between myself, the client, and the plants themselves. Using herbal medicine, food and nutritional guidance, flower essences, astrology, ritual, and embodiment practices, I work holistically to support the innate healing potential of one’s own body, mind, and spirit.

My role as a medicine-maker is to weave simple healing remedies and rituals into the everyday lives of my community.


My relationship to herbal medicine reflects the different places I’ve called home, the seasons, the trees and lakes of my Wisconsin childhood, the western mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and the southwestern desert. It is inspired by my lifelong relationship to dance and the arts, my passion for social justice and human rights, and the indigenous healing practices of Old Europe. It is informed by traditional Chinese tongue and pulse diagnostics, and my inquiry into medical and psychological astrology.

My herbal practice stems from the Vitalist and Wise Woman Traditions, weaving together the traditional uses of plants with our modern understanding of botanical science. In addition to rigorous and ongoing study, this work is rooted in a commitment to the process of self-reflection and inner knowing, a foundational faith in the body’s intelligence, and a deep reverence for the natural world. It lies at the intersection of science and tradition, intuition and community learning, the personal and the political. As an herbalist and feminist with a background in sociology, I am committed to an intersectional, accessible, & non-hierarchal approach to health care, bodily autonomy, and reproductive justice for all.

Curious about what to expect in a clinical setting? Learn more about my approach.


Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Boulder, Colorado, Certificate of Clinical Herbalism, Honors (2017)

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Certificate in Clinical Nutrition (2017)

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Certificate of Bach Flower Essences (2017)

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Certificate of Advanced Herbalism (2016)

Ohlone Herbal Center, Berkeley California, Certificate of Community Herbalism (2015)


Chinese Tongue and Pulse Diagnostic Mentorship with Dr. William Morris (2016)

Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe with Liz Migliorelli (2015)


Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, BA in Sociology (2008)


I am a complementary and/or alternative health care practitioner, and am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Oregon. My services do not replace those of a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare provider. I am not trained in the diagnosis or treatment of disease according to the standards of medical science.

My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health.