Holistic Wellness Consultations

A simple way to support physical healing and resiliency, Holistic Wellness Consultations are what I consider to be a creative collaboration between the herbalist, the client, and the plants themselves. Whether you’re seeking guidance on wellness and vitality, working to improve your overall health, or dealing with an acute or chronic health issue, together we’ll create an herbal and nutritional plan to support your body as it balances and heals itself.

In addition to addressing your specific health and wellness related concerns, the goal of each consultation is for you to:

  • Learn how herbal medicine can support your overall health and vitality;

  • Explore holistic ways to manage stress, improve digestion, deepen sleep, and much more;

  • Incorporate simple nutritional and lifestyle changes into your daily routines;

  • Connect with yourself and the world around you in more grounded and embodied ways.


Consultations take place over the phone or in-person in Portland, Oregon. An initial consultation can last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours during which we'll discuss your specific health concerns. After the initial consultation, we’ll design a holistic healing plan unique to your needs. You’ll walk away with:

  • Herbal tea, tincture, & flower essence recommendations, custom formulated for your needs;

  • Extensive nutritional recommendations, recipes, or meal plans;

  • Lifestyle and self-care recommendations and rituals.

COST OF THE INITIAL INTAKE:* $125 (please note that this does NOT include the cost of herbs)**

COST OF FOLLOW-UPS: *$60 (please note that this does NOT include the price of herbs)**

COST OF HERBS: $5 per ounce of dried herb (tea), $15 per ounce of tincture, $12 per flower essence formula. Usually this adds up to about $35-$60 per month. You will always have the choice around which and how many formulas you would like. And you will always have the option to source herbs yourself.


*I offer a sliding scale of $40-$75 per hour of consultation. This sliding scale is available to all. However, I ask that you please consider that for every consultation, I spend at least 3-6 hours doing additional work and research.

**I offer discounted packages that include the cost of one month’s worth of herbal medicine (see below for details).

***Gift certificates available!

For more details on what to expect during a consultation, read my approach to clinical herbalism.

This is my favorite way to work with clients! The Winter's Sister Wellness Plan is a discounted way to work together over time. Meeting consistently (but always on your schedule) allows us to deepen our work together in ways a single session simply does not allow for. The plan includes an intake and two follow-up sessions, plus a month's worth of herbal medicine. Once you purchase, you will be able to schedule at any point in the future.


Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences are an energetic form of plant medicine that support emotional and spiritual resiliency (NOT to be confused with essential oils). By eliciting very subtle shifts in our minds, bodies, and spirits, they support us to more fully integrate our higher selves into our everyday lives, to act from a place of deep inner knowing, and to bring emotional and spiritual integrity to all that we do. Some common reasons people work with essences include (but are not limited to):

  • to work through anxiety, fear, anger, grief, or trauma;

  • to clarify boundaries, deepen embodiment, and gain clarity around identity and life purpose;

  • to enhance creativity and initiate transformation.

Flower essences are available in all wellness consultations, but if this medicine alone calls to you, I welcome flower essence-only consultations. 

Please note that as we work together, I will encourage you to seek the appropriate mental health support that I believe would be of benefit to you. Flower essences do NOT replace the services of qualified mental health professionals.

COST: $75, includes the price of one custom essence formula (sliding scale available to in-person clients)


Cosmic Embodiment Add-On

The Cosmic Embodiment add-on is a mini astrology reading that can be added to any Wellness Consultation, and provides another lens through which to understand your health and wellbeing goals. After the session, you'll receive a personalized flower essence formula specific to your astrological birth chart and wellness intentions. 

Book a regular session and select the “Cosmic Embodiment” add-on. Please note that you must know the exact time of your birth to select this add-on. 

COST: $45, includes the price of one custom essence formula

For more in-depth astrological insight, read about my Astrology Reading + Cosmic Embodiment Sessions.


I am a complementary and/or alternative health care practitioner, and am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Oregon. My services do not replace those of a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare provider. I am not trained in the diagnosis or treatment of disease according to the standards of medical science.

My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health.